Birchbox vs. GLOSSYBox: 2017 Comparison

When it comes to beauty subscription boxes, I got hooked on Birchbox long ago. Birchbox is a monthly subscription service that sends you beauty samples in a box.

I never considered myself very “good” at the whole beauty thing, so I figured this was the best way to learn about new makeup and products I would never find on my own.

Then, I heard about GLOSSYBox! GLOSSYBox is another beauty subscription service that sends you monthly beauty products, too.

So, how do they compare? I tried both for three months to find out.

Here’s what I found.

Don’t want to read the whole thing? Jump down to the end (TL;DR) to find out which won out.


Birchbox and GLOSSYBox both ship monthly, and fill your box with products based on a style profile that you fill out when you sign up.

Signing up is relatively easy for both services.

For GLOSSYBox, you can choose from four different plans that provide different payment options (more on that later). Once you select a plan, you fill out your personal and billing information. Then, you’ll be taken to a beauty profile, which captures everything from your hair type to your color preferences. After that, you’re all set!

Birchbox is very similar. To get started, you’ll select from two plan options (monthly and yearly).

Then, you’ll enter your personal and billing info before filling out your style profile.

The main difference in the process is the style survey. Birchbox’s survey isn’t a thorough as GLOSSYBox, which means it takes less time (if you’re in a hurry), but it doesn’t go into as much detail about your style preferences. However, both surveys cover similar topics, so the difference isn’t a deal breaker.  

Birchbox vs. GLOSSYBox Winner: Tie


Both Birchbox and GLOSSYBox send five products every month and sometimes they’ll throw in an extra surprise gift! However, the similarities between products ends there.

Birchbox specializes in sending small samples for you to try. My boxes typically include a small sample of eye shadow, perfume samples, BB cream samples, etc.

If you like what’s in your box, you can buy a full-size version on Birchbox’s website (you can also buy other full-size products there).

GLOSSYBox, on the other hand, generally features at least three full-size products, which I’m a HUGE fan of. I’ve received an eye mask, a super-fun charcoal mask, and a new makeup brush. As someone who doesn’t buy a ton of beauty products, I love that GLOSSYBox gives me something I can enjoy for more than just a few tries, all while taking the decision-making process off my plate.

Birchbox vs. GLOSSYBox Winner: GLOSSYBox


Both Birchbox and GLOSSYBox feature different payment plans that reward you for committing to a longer subscription.

GLOSSYBox has the most pricing options available.

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Birchbox features two.

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When comparing price per box, Birchbox nets out $11 cheaper when paying monthly ($10/box for Birchbox vs. $21/box for GLOSSYBox). However, it’s difficult to really compare price as the products in the boxes are so different. 

While you pay more with GLOSSYBox, you’re actually getting more with the full-size products. In order to get a full-size product with Birchbox, you’d need to pay the full price in their marketplace, putting you far above the $11 difference in the boxes.

Birchbox vs. GLOSSYBox Winner: GLOSSYBox

Customer Service

Luckily, I haven’t had any issues with either service, so my experience dealing with Birchbox or GLOSSYBox customer service is rather limited. However, I have received several communications from both brands after signing up.

Birchbox communicates more frequently with its users, which makes me feel as though they’re more engaged and invested in keeping me happy. Their response time after sign up was quick, and I always receive my box nearly immediately after I get a shipping notification.

GLOSSYBox is on the slower side with communication. I don’t hear from them that much (in fact, the second month I forgot I still had the service until I got my shipping notification), and when I do get notifications, I usually find my box isn’t in my mailbox until quite some time afterward. However, they’ve never missed a box, so it doesn’t bother me much.

Birchbox vs. GLOSSYBOX Winner: Birchbox

The Final Verdict (TL;DR)

After trying both services for three months, I prefer GLOSSYBox to Birchbox for my beauty box subscription service. I love how GLOSSYBox incorporates full-size products into their boxes, and feel they really listened to my style profile and pick products I’d actually use.

If you’re more into samples, you’d probably be better off with Birchbox -- but this Box Babe is sticking with GLOSSYBox.