Birchbox Review 2017: What to Expect + Pros and Cons

Birchbox is a monthly subscription service that sends its subscribers five beauty products in a decorated box.

As someone who isn't very good at makeup, I hopped onto the Birchbox train because I knew it would be an easy way to discover new, trendy products that I would never find on my own.

Here's a review of my experience using Birchbox.

How it Works:

Like most subscription boxes, Birchbox is a monthly subscription service that sends samples of beauty products. Birchbox features two plan options: monthly, or yearly. 

The monthly plan is $10/month, and allows you to cancel your subscription at anytime. The yearly plan is $110/year, giving subscribers one free box. 

Once you pick your plan, you'll be prompted to create an account, where you'll enter you personal and billing information. 

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From there, you'll be taken to a questionnaire that will inform your beauty profile. Birchbox uses this questionnaire to note your preferences in order to curate the perfect collection of beauty samples for you. 

You can update your style preferences anytime by logging into your Birchbox profile

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Once you finish filling out your beauty profile, you're account is all set! You'll start receiving your box on a monthly basis. 

Each month, you'll receive five samples of various beauty products based on your style preferences you noted when you set up your account. If you like a sample and want to buy the full-size version, you can find it in your box history on the Birchbox website and purchase it through their site on their marketplace.

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If you're a monthly subscriber, you can cancel your subscription at anytime by logging into your account, going into account settings, and changing your subscription (select cancel). 

If you have the annual Birchbox subscription, you can cancel within the first month of subscribing. After that, you cannot cancel your subscription, but you can turn off auto-renewal. See here for more details

The Verdict: Pros and Cons of Birchbox

After three months of using Birchbox, here's what I liked and didn't like about the beauty subscription box: 


  • The box arrives like clockwork. I'm never left wondering where it is or if Birchbox accidentally missed me for the month. I know exactly when to expect that special treat in my mailbox.
  • The samples are always different. There's always a lot of variety in each box, and I never feel like I'm receiving the same types of products over and over again each month. There's always something fresh and new.
  • The presentation is amazing. The shipping box always addresses me in a cute way (The Cheery Kate D), and the box design is so pretty every month. 


  • The products are super small. Granted, they are supposed to be sample sizes... but sometimes it feels like it's something I could get for free by visiting the beauty counter at the mall. 
  • The style can be hit or miss. Despite filling out a style profile, I still don't feel like Birchbox always gets me. Out of the five products in every box, I probably really use only two on average.


If you're totally obsessed with beauty products, Birchbox can be a really fun way to try out a ton without breaking the bank. And if you're like me and aren't super adventurous with beauty, it can be a nice way to ease into new trends. However, if I'm really looking for a solid beauty subscription service, Birchbox wouldn't be my first choice due to the incredible small product sizes. I feel my $10 could be better spent elsewhere. 

The Box Babe Ranking: 3/5