Dollar Shave Club for Women: Your Questions Answered

You know what part of my beauty routine I hate more than anything? Shaving. It's messy, (sometimes) painful, and just a hassle. And those razor prices?! Might as well kiss your paycheck goodbye. 

With feelings like this, you can imagine why the concept of Dollar Shave Club was enticing. If you haven't heard of it, Dollar Shave Club is a subscription razor service that sends you new razorblades at an affordable price.

For a shaver-hater like me, it sounded too good to be true. So naturally, I had to try it to find out. Here's the DL on whether women should jump on board with Dollar Shave Club.

How does it work? 

Signing up for the Dollar Shave Club is a cinch. Just visit the website and choose the razor that fits your shaving needs. The club offers three razor options: 

 Photo from Dollar Shave Club 

Photo from Dollar Shave Club 

A relatively new feature the Dollar Shave Club offers is $5 Starter Kits, which feature some of the Dollar Shave Club's most popular products as well as their Executive (6-blade Razor).

 Photo from  Dollar Shave Club

If you don't feel like getting all the extra hoopla, or you don't want to use the Executive razor, go to the blades page to select just the razor you want. 

Your first purchase will come with a the razor handle and a cartridge of razorblades to keep you stocked through the month. After that, you'll receive replacement cartridges every month.

Isn't Dollar Shave Club for dudes?

Dollar Shave club is technically geared more towards the dudes of the world — a look at their advertising and original content (like The Boyfriend's Guide to Buying Tampons) makes that pretty obvious.

But that doesn't mean they're a no-no for women. While some of their products, like Disappearing Post Shave Dew, may more male-centric, ladies still love others like Dr. Caver's Shave Butter. 

And the real sell, their razors, are for everyone. Speaking of razors... 

Does Dollar Shave Club have women's razors?

You're talking to the woman who bought Gillette because it was the best razor for those silky smooth legs you see on commercials. To me, a razor is a razor.

The Dollar Shave Club doe not have razors specifically for women. Instead, they're of the impression their razors can be used by everyone, which I'm down with. According to their FAQ page, the Club ladies love their 4X and Executive razor.

I'm partial to the Executive — it gives me the Gillette shave for a fraction of the price. The six blades are sharp enough to make the shave count but doesn't leave me covered in cuts. It's also done wonders for razor burn. 

Do I have to get new razor cartridges every month? 

Not at all! If you don't require fresh blades that often, you can change your cadence to every other month on your Membership Settings page.

The best part of Dollar Shave Club is that it's zero commitments. You can cancel, pause, or switch your blades and cadence at any time. 

What's the verdict?

It's not a true Box Babe post without a final verdict, is it? Here it goes: 

After four months of using Dollar Shave Club, I've had amazing shaves, have never been without a fresh blade for my razor, and have saved a TON of money. I was dropping at least $15 (if not more) on razors at the grocery store, which also required me to, you know, go to the grocery store.

The automated process of getting razors delivered was enough to keep me interested. Add in the great shaves and low price, and you have yourself a Dollar Shave Club member for life. 

Dollar Shave Club gets this Box Babe's seal of approval — especially for women.